Mannerisms. Post "anything you want" here about men. You can post what you like or what you don't like. No personal names please. Some men will claim that they don't know what's wrong. Just direct them to this web site. In order for men to have better relationships with women they need to be educated by women. State what you feel and please don't hold back. No matter how harsh it may sound it needs to be heard.  "Mannerisms."

"What men do"

You can "post" whatever you feel here to help men understand women better. State your own personal "mannerism" by contacting us here. We reserve the right to edit posts so please give us a couple of days before it is published. Thank you.


"Why men do it"

You can also state some of the things you "wish" your man would do.  This site is designed to help both men and women. Contact us and make sure you list your comment under "mannerisms."


"How men do it"

It is important to know things in your relationship. It is quite possible that a man "may not even know what he needs to do." This page will hopefully"enlighten" him. Make sure to tell it here. Declare your mannerism by contacting us.

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"The difference between what he says and what he means"

This is the page for you to discuss points about "relationships." You can talk about the things you love and the things you hate. We won't censure you here. You don't have to hold back. No names please. Hopefully your socialization with others can help you deal with your situation in your own life. State what you feel when you contact us.

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"Sometimes actions speak louder than words"

There are no limits to what you can communicate here. It can be abuse, violence, harassment or some of the sweet things that you encounter in your relationships.  Communication is essential in this world for us to coexist, and this web site hopes to be a bridge for us all to understand each other better.


Why is it that my man only wants to be seen with me if I have makeup on? Granted, I like to wear makeup but not for everyday of my life. I think I still look good without it. So do other men.

My man thinks he is going to be a world famous rap star artist. We all know this is not going to make any money for us. I don't want to crush his dreams but I don't want to be unrealistic either. We need a real job with some real money

My husband grew a mustache. I liked him better the way he was before. I know he didn't grow it for me. It hurts my face every time I kiss him. I wish I could grow a mustache and beard just so I can show him

In the beginning my man loved it when I wore those tight little dresses. Now he doesn't want me to attract the wrong attention, but I love dressing up and looking nice. Should I give in to what he says or just ignore him?

The ho down the block keeps trying to talk to my man when I am not around. She is a slut to the nth degree, and I am seconds away from pulling out my can of whip a ho. I hope she is reading this.

My husband cannot fix anything. He is completely deficient of knowledge for fixing anything of value. I can fix things, but it might bruise his ego. I am not a helpless woman. I am his partner. He needs to start manning up and realize that