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"What men do"

You can "post" whatever you feel here.  This page will be "informative"  to help men understand women better. You can state "the sweet and the irritating" things that men do. State your own personal "mannerism" by contacting us here. We reserve the right to edit posts and give us a couple of days before it is published. Thank you.


"Why men do it"

You can also state some of the things you "wish" your man would do.  This is designed for both men and women. Smart men will check out this web site to see what they can do to make their relationships better. If they want to learn then this is a great place to start. Contact us and make sure you list your comment under "mannerisms."


"How men do it"

What you feel in your relationship is important. It is quite possible that a man "may not know what he needs to do." This page will hopefully"enlighten" men to the necessary things in a relationship. The truth needs to be told. Make sure to tell it here. Declare yourself by contacting us.

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"The difference between what he says and what he does"

This is the page for you to discuss points about "relationships." You can talk about the things you love and the things you hate. We won't censure you here. You don't have to hold back. No names please. Hopefully your socialization with others can help you deal with your situation in life. State what you feel when you contact us.

"Sometimes actions speak louder than words"

There are no limits to what you can communicate here. It can be abuse, violence, harassment or some of the sweet things that you encounter in your relationships.  Communication is essential in this world for us to coexist together, and this web site hopes to be a bridge for us all to understand each other better.




"Why is it that men always want to keep their phones a secret? What do they have to hide? Is it because they are talking to other women?"

"He tells me that he is going out for a few minutes. He comes back days later and acts like nothing is wrong. What am I supposed to think about that?"

"My man hates it whenever other men look at me. Why does he get mad at me? It isn't my fault "

"I love my man with all my heart, and I feel he loves me back. Sometimes he wants to spend time with his friends playing basketball and other stuff. Am I wrong for wanting to be with him?"

"Lately I have put on some weight. Not a whole lot. However, his demeanor towards me appears to be changing. Does this mean I have to get to the gym?"