Kearni Warren, Founder of the Caregiver Society

If you have a close family then at some point you will encounter some form of deterioration. In other words, family members will need to depend on someone else as their vital skills start to fade. Right now you may not know much about caregiving, but you need to be prepared for when that day arrives. Kearni Warren did caregiving for her family and is also the founder of the Caregiver Society. She has written books on the subject and she can explain a lot of it. Nursing homes are always an alternative, but once you hear Ms Warren you may want to reconsider that direction. This was a fascinating interview and she provided a lot of details that you may not have known before.

“History is exactly what it says it is… “HIS”… story…. It mostly honors men who have done great things in accordance to their own versions of their stories. Women should never be ignored or forgotten and on this page we aim to honor them. It is no longer a man’s world. both men and women can learn about women’s accomplishments here

Renee Reynolds was a victim of domestic abuse. She managed to escape but had to use her wits to get away from her tormentor. This video shows what every women should know when they have to contact 911 for help but can’t explain their circumstances due to danger present.

Kamala Harris has been picked to be the running mate for Presidential candidate Joe Biden. Harris is a fierce debater who can be relentlessly direct when asking questions. With a lot of people now cheering her on she is showing “change in the world.” Congratulations, Kamala Harris, from

Here is an interview from Kimmie Murchinson-Smith, a motivatinal speaker, singer and entrepreneur: