“I want to create a personalized song for someone special. How does this work?”

Contact us with your information and tell us what you would like to do. (You can do it here or contact us at 215-900-9022). If you are not sure then explain what you do know to us and we will “help” you put a nice project together. We will produce it in the style that you want and send it via email (or youtube link, or on CD or DVD) to your desired recipient. All projects are private and no one gets the final results but you. We will only send to someone else with your permission. The cost will depend on the amount of detail you want in your song/video. You could sing it (or we could bring someone in to sing it) but it will be approved by you before we send it anywhere. We assume no liability for the lyrical content of songs (after all, the songs will be composed with your words). We don’t send songs to anyone without your permission.

I would like to be featured on your site, but I have my own pictures taken by my own photographer. He knows me well. Do I have to use yours?

No, you can use any photographer you want, but it will cost you to be featured on our page. Contact us and we will gladly talk with you. 

I would like to talk about the relationships I have had. Why can’t I mention someone by name? How far can I go to describe them?

Because “slander” is a punishable offense that can be allow you to be sued in court. We don’t want to get sued (and hopefully you don’t either). You can be descriptive, but you can’t make it “totally obvious.” For example, if you want to mention a relationship issue with the President of the United States, that is “way too descriptive and people can figure out who that is.

I would like to consider a woman for her greatness. What specifically qualifies her to be considered?

 Greatness is always subjective. There is no direct formula for being considered great. The best we can do is listen to the details and then determine if her story is good enough to be considered. Proof is essential. Things such as video, pictures, articles and even web sites will be considered. We can’t know everyone personally, but with enough evidence there should be no problem.

What happens if I post something and someone else disagrees with me?

Nothing! Disagreement is encouraged on this site. We don’t want everyone to fight, but hopefully through enough submissions we can all figure out a way to bring about peace and harmony. Everyone has their own opinion. Only through discussion can we find the way that is most suitable.

What are your conditions for being featured as a model on your site? Does a model have to be a certain height or weight? What other features do you consider? Will you post nudes?

We turn down no one. We believe there is beauty in every woman. We hope that our pictures show it. There is no age restriction, ethnic or color restriction, height or weight restriction. We will post nudes if they are “artful.” In other words, the nudity is implied but not direct. We don’t want vulgarity, but if there is art in the picture then we feel it is a form of expression. We encourage expression here…