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This is a new age of awareness. This is WWW.Love-notes.com (Make sure to put the hyphen (-) in the middle). This is the place for women to share  their innermost feelings and for men to learn from them. Here you can post any topic you feel. No matter what you are going through right now there is someone else in the world who needs to "hear your story." Through interaction with others on this earth you can unite to bring awareness to the issues that need to be heard. You can talk about relationships, harassment issues, wage unfairness, men (and even women) and just about anything you want (Please don't mention any personal names... Thank you).  This site is designed to help you alleviate any feelings of inferiority and lift your spirits. We have a lot of special features on this site. Please feel free to check out each page and share this site with others who you think need to see this. Communicate with women around the globe.  Welcome again to our site, and please feel free to offer any suggestions you feel will make this site better. By the way, all of the pictures of the beautiful women on this site were taken by our staff of professional photographers. If you would like to make a comment of "any" kind, just go to our blog page and click on the "continue reading" link. At the bottom will be a fill out form for you to submit. If you would like to be featured please contact us. Thank you.

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Here you will find poetry, music, spotlight features, and you can also shout out the things that you like/dislike in relationships.  This site is not about bashing men, but hopefully this will be a "learning tool" for men to find things that can help make their relationships with women better.

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"Love-notes" is the ultimate site for female unification, interaction and communication.  On this site we  pay homage to women while listing accomplishments, programs and events designed to help women prosper. Behind every successful man is a woman who helped to make him that way.

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You can question my actions but never my loyalty. I will walk a mile for you but I will never stand to be left behind by you.  If I don't believe in you, who else will? Women can still be strong without losing any of their femininity. "I can rise with you, or I can rise without you, but either way, I will rise...."

Here you will find poetry, music, spotlight features, and you can also shout out the things that you like/dislike in relationships.  This site is not about bashing men, but hopefully this will be a "learning tool" for men to find things that can help make their relationships with women better.

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Your sensitivity allows you to feel the things that most men can't. You will "correct a man" whenever necessary with love in your heart. If they can't understand you then it is only because your logic goes much deeper then the surface. On this site men will hear you sound off and hopefully learn the important things needed to properly respect a woman. Some men honestly can learn from you.

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                                                                                                                            Topic: Sexual appetites

The other day there was a discussion with a woman about certain sexual behavior habits. I asked her why do some woman like to be choked during sex, and why do some women want to be beaten by a man. The lady told me that she actually enjoys having a man's hands around her neck (but no choking, though). It gave her a thrill. Then the conversation expanded by discussing even more sexual behaviors. Some women like to be thrown onto the bed before sex. Some like to be handled forcibly. Some like to be spanked. While some of these acts can be considered dangerous they can still add to spice up a sex life (If it is done correctly). What are your views on how far to carry out your sexual inhibitions? Is straight out sex good enough for you or do you have to venture into the danger zone in order to enjoy it more? How do you moderate it from getting out of hand? Do you consider yourself different from most other women?


1. I absolutely do NOT want to be roughed up, and I don't play that at all. If a man cannot respect me enough to treat me like a lady then he does NOT deserve to have me in ANY way. If other ladies want to get killed then that is up to them. The first man that hits me or roughs me up will meet up with 5 brothers of mine who have done prison time and will not hesitate to go back if you disrespect their sister.
2. Amazingly everyone has different tastes when it comes to sexual appetites. Some people live on the wild side and cannot be properly seduced until they go through the rough zone first. The biggest problem is when people get carried away. Your biggest enjoyment could then become your biggest fear at that moment. I would strongly suggest you study and KNOW your man before you decide to go down that road. I like a little spice too but I want to be safe with everything we do.
3. People are different. Some like to lick ears. Some like oral pleasures. Some don't like to be touched at all. With most love partners nothing is simple and common. Everyone has something that will help them to get off, and it could be something extremely freaky, or violent. Straight sex seems to be blasé. Only you know what you can deal with. Make sure to convey that to your man BEFORE engaging in any rough foreplay. If necessary, role play it through first to make sure your don't get hurt. A man may think he is hitting you lightly when he could be breaking your neck. Get to know him, get to know him, get to know him, and make sure he gets to know you  Speak it here. Contact Us, Poet Tree


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