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Love-notes Topic:

Tucker Carlson, a Fox news host, recently aired a grievance he had about America’s military. He said that while China is building up a more masculine military we are becoming more “feminine” (“Whatever that means”). For Tucker to say something outrageous on his program is “nothing new.” At this point I am highly surprised that Fox news hasn’t been sued more over his divisive comments. There are over 232,000 women serving in our military, and they are doing a “great” job. For those who would like to know more about Carlson’s topics, here is a link:


At this point I can’t get mad at Carlson. He has been doing this for so long and he is “paid” to satisfy “a certain type of audience that wants to hear it.” He is only doing his job, but his words help to “inflame rhetoric” and promote controversial ideals. Mr. Carlson has never served even one (1) day in the military. For him to state that we are now weaker with more feminine membership is a slap in the face to our armed forces. There are more women in charge now, and we are better off for it. In case he hasn’t noticed, we now have the very “first’ female Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris.” If left unchecked, some people will strongly believe in what he is saying. For the sake of women, what can we do to thwart this kind of logic?

Responses will be listed below in a couple of days

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Responses to topic question

This man is a nut. He says all sorts of crazy things that are divisive. Those women he talks about have saved his life. For some reason he doesn't seem to want to acknowledge that. He is paid to act like an ass on TV. This won't be the last off thing he says. Someone needs to drop him off at the battlefield... alone.... and let him fight it out for himself. If he doesn't make it back, then that is too bad.

Anybody who believes anything that comes from Fox news is an idiot. They still don't believe the election was fair. Mr. Carlson never did one day in the armed forces, and yet now he acts like he is a professional at it. Well, he isn't. Women can work and plan just as well as men can. Those Fox people have been spreading false information for years. Someone needs to sue them each and every time they say something misleading.

I agree with Carlson. How is an army of women (some pregnant) going to be able to protect the rest of us? This is a joke, and I can't believe that Biden is promoting women to do a man''s job. Trump would never allow this.

This is a new era and women are holding higher positions. We just got a new Vice President who could one day be President. It's about time we gave women more responsibility, and that includes the armed services. All of those women could probably beat him down to the ground anyway.

We have the most powerful army in the world and there are lots of women who work in it. For Tucker to make that kind of comment shows that he is looney. They should cancel all of Fox news, especially him.

Tucker Carlson is only doing what they pay him to do. He will believe anything they tell him to say. The biggest problem is that some people are dumb enough to "actually believe it." I wish they would cancel all of Fox news.

Put a long wig on Carlson and drop him off in Iraq with a short skirt and a low top blouse. Then watch as he asks one of our women to save him. I hope no one does. I can't believe anyone likes him.