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Here you will find poetry, music, spotlight features, and you can also shout out the things that you like/dislike in relationships.  This site is a "learning tool" for men to find things that can help make their relationships with women better.

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"Love-notes" is the ultimate site for female unification, interaction and communication.  On this site we  pay homage to women while listing accomplishments, programs and events designed to help women prosper. Behind every successful man is a woman who helped to make him that way.


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Your sensitivity allows you to feel the things that most men can't. You will "correct a man" whenever necessary "with love in your heart." If they can't understand you then it is only because your logic goes much deeper than the surface. On this site men will hear you sound off and hopefully learn the important things needed to properly respect a woman. This is the place for them... and you...

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Love-notes Topic:

Dear Lovenotes. I am a curvy pretty young woman in Camden, New Jersey. I am not fat but I am not skinny either. I have heard people say some rather cruel jokes about me. I am trying to figure out how I should respond back to them. I do have a sarcastic side to me, but I don't know if that will make me feel better. I really wish they would stop. On a couple of times I tried to ignore it, but that is really tough for me to do. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should handle this? Thanks

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Responses to topic question

There is someone out there for everyone. I am a full figured woman too and men are trying to hit on me all the time. Of course, there are some who crack jokes or say mean things. No one is pretty enough to not have some men say bad things about them. Learn to ignore them. They are upset that they can't have you.

When a man is interested in a woman and he knows he can't have her then he will either think or say something bad about you. Many woman have gone through that. The men that talk just lack maturity. Their only recourse is to try to downgrade the woman. It makes them feel better. If you ignore him he will go away.

As long as you feel good about yourself then that is all that matters. Unfortunately you can't do much about these ignorant souls. They rode those little yellow buses when they were younger. Throw stones at them.

Some men are just jerks. No matter how good you act, you are still bound to come across these misguided individuals in life. Once you settle down with a man he will gladly fight the others for you. Don't get down on yourself. You have way too much going for you to allow them to make you feel inferior.

It doesn't make a difference whether you are in great shape or not. Some men are truly stupid. If you respond back to them then you will be giving them just what they ask for. Pay them no attention. Once they realize they can get to you, they will just go away. Be proud of who and what you are