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Love-notes Topic:

I am a young woman in my 20's and I am interested in finding a decent male partner in my life. I have met several men that I am interested in, but I cant say for sure if I am love yet because I am not sure of how real love feels. For instance, one man has money and I feel he can provide a lot for me, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I feel love for him. Another man is not as rich, but he has a really strong character to him. Sometimes it feels like he might get violent if pushed too hard though. I only want one man so I don't want to lead anyone on, but should I pick the one that has the best potential for me? Money doesn't mean a lot to me. However, I want to find a man that will be the right choice for me. I appreciate any suggestions or advice. Thank you.

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Dear young woman. Love should't be based on what a man has, but rather what he does and how he does it. Money is always a great thing but it should never be confused for love. A man that gets angry easily could be a problem for the near future if you last that long. Potential is defined as something that has not been reached yet. There is not guarantee that a man will reach his potential or yours. You will know when you love someone because you will feel something that you have never felt with anyone else before.

Since you are young there is a strong possibility that you will make mistakes. Just about all of us have. Take your time and get to know the man you think you may love. Everybody is super nice in the beginning, but over time the real person will start to show. Make sure you pay attention and don't settle for anything less than you desire.

No one can tell you what you want in a man, but a lot of it will depend on the kind of woman you are. If you are independent that you don't need a man with a lot of money. If you want to feel loved then never deal with a man who gets angry easily. No one is perfect, so don't expect perfection. Learn his ways and determine what you can tolerate from him. Most of all take your time. You have a long life ahead of you.

Money equals security. It is important for a woman to feel secure in her marriage. Of course, if you make good money on your own then you won't have to worry about his money. If a man is your best friend then that is the best you can ask for.

Both people sound like the wrong choice. Keep searching.