Love does not mean "weakness"

Welcome to Love-notes (spelled with a hyphen (-) in the middle). "Love-notes" is the ultimate site for female unification, interaction and communication.  On this site we  pay homage to women while listing accomplishments, programs and events designed to help women prosper. It is important for women to support and believe in themselves (whether men support them or not). The human race cannot survive without women. It is imperative that they be respected. Behind every successful man is a woman who helped to make him that way. On this site we salute you.

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What's on the outside is just as important as what's on the inside

You are so much more than just "eye candy." Your sensitivity allows you to feel the things that most men can't. You will "correct a man" whenever necessary with love in your heart. If they can't understand you then it is only because your logic goes much deeper then the surface. On this site men will hear you sound off and hopefully learn the important things needed to properly court a woman. Some men honestly don't know. On this site they can "learn..."

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Love without respect is meaningless

There are a lot of special features on this site to benefit women.  Here you will find poetry, music, spotlight features, and you can also shout out the things that you like/dislike in relationships.  This site is not about bashing men, but hopefully this will be a "learning tool" for men to find things that can help make their relationships better.

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Please state how you feel and browse our option pages

On this page you will see shout outs, spotlightsmusic songs/videos, Man-nerisms, special features, blog, stories and social outlets designed to empower women. This page is for women AND men with the hopes that we will learn to understand each other better. Below we have our Shout out questions." Talk to the world about your relationships. No names please. Thank you.

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I am not behind you or under you... I am with you...

It is okay to misunderstand my actions, but never my loyalty. I will walk a mile for you but I will never stand to be left behind by you. I can be your greatest attribute. I am woman. I should never be underestimated. If I don't believe in you, who else will? It is important to know that women can still be strong without losing any of their femininity. "I can rise with you, or I can rise without you, but make no mistake about it: I will rise...."

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Shout Out Topic:

Recently the state of Georgia banned abortions. Alyssa Milano had the idea that women should go on a "sex strike" until they could win back autonomy over their bodies. Here is the interview:

Is this a great idea? Why and why not?





Shout out answers

"I can't imagine a sex strike working. Unless all women abide by it then it won't carry enough weight. I don't believe that a government of men should try to control women's bodies. If they are pro life like they say they are, then they need to stop the NRA from producing guns. They also need to be against war and the death penalty.  Once they can show me that we can talk."

A sex strike? I can agree with that. If we all can unite we can make it work. "I'm for it!


You have got to be kidding me. While a few of us go on strike some young child will be getting pregnant constantly with the men who get turned down. I can't see this one working at all. Please find another alternative

No government dominated by men can legislate my body. While the strike may not work we can't allow these fool men to have control over us. First, we need to vote these idiots out of office.






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