Suzanne Somers, the bubbly blonde actress who starred years ago on the television series “Three’s Company” just recently turned 73 years of age. In honor of her birthday she decided to post a picture of herself “nude” on Instagram. It was reported that a lot of people criticized her for baring herself like that at the age of 73. For those of you who are not familiar with the story, you can Google it online and see the picture for yourself. As far as the nudity goes, yes, you can see she is naked but all the vital intimate parts of her are covered up. She utilizes hands and plants to cover the parts that can’t be shown on Instagram. The question now becomes, “Was this distasteful, and if so, in what way?” Many actresses pose naked even during the later stages of their lives. I don’t know if I can think of anyone else who has done a nude shot at the age of 73. However, nudity has become so commonplace now that you can practically find it anywhere. The pose that Somers did may not have been the classiest one she could do, but that doesn’t mean that she is any less attractive. Should it be taboo for an actress to pose naked, even if she still has it going on at a late stage o her life? Your opinion matters. Please state your opinion here.

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Poet Tree

Poet Tree

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“When you look for strength in someone
When you seek courage
When you need a strong figure to lean on
Look within from without…
Be what no one else ever thought you could be
And close your eyes while you take a long step into uncertainty
And conquer your fear of what you don’t know
Strength is not needed to win every battle
In the end you will still stand
and the giant before you will fall
so you will rise higher than ever before….”

anonymously submitted

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